Pittsburgh City United FC Agrees to LIFETIME Sponsorship Deal with Full90 headgear

(Pittsburgh, June 10th) - Pittsburgh City United FC owner Michael Anton Monsour along with Full90 CEO Tim Killeen announced an extension from a 5 year sponsorship, to a Lifetime sponsorship in support for spreading awareness for player safety and the need for headgear to become a common place in the world of soccer.

“As an organization, it is important that we protect our players who come to us and to protect their future. We needed to find the perfect partner, one that had been there from the beginning. One who had established a foundation of trust, before this issue was either trusted or looked at. It is incredibly important to us that we are not the only one carrying the torch here. It is important that young people see their professional athletes and their team wearing this head gear. One day, we hope to see a Lionel Messi taking these safety measures to inspire future generations in regards to their safety. ”

  • Michael Anton Monsour, owner, PCUFC

According to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine titled, “The Effectiveness of Protective Headgear in Reducing Concussions and Head Injuries in Adolescent Soccer Players,” players NOT wearing Full90 headgear during the study experienced 2.7 times as many concussion symptoms than those who wore the headgear.

Pittsburgh City United FC will also require all players to wear protective head gear for their games, which Full90 has agreed to provide in an effort to spread awareness of the need of stronger safety measures when it comes to head trauma in soccer.

Full90 Sports LLC is recognized in the soccer community as the company that brought attention to the issue of concussions; and is the leader in protective headgear for soccer players worldwide.

“I’ve been in the soccer industry forever it seems, over 30 years and you know you get a lot of phones calls that come across your desk, people looking for sponsorships and deals, in return for exposure for deals on the product. This was different when I got the call from Michael, I knew fairly early in the conversation when he said of his commitment to donate 50% of profits from tickets and merchandise to the Alzheimer’s Association, it blew me away to be honest with you, it was a honor. We are excited to move forward with Pittsburgh City United.”

- Tim Killeen, CEO, Full90

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