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Pittsburgh City United FC was founded under the principle of being more than just a soccer team. Our commitment to raising awareness and support for the Alzheimers Association is an example of that principle.

 This is why 50% of all profits from ticket sales and merchandise throughout our Fall and Spring Seasons will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association.


Each player, coach, and executive staff will be volunteering a minimum of 4 hours a season to the the Alzheimer's Association as well as neighboring memory care units across Western Pennsylvania. We have also partnered with Full90 sports the world's leader in protective head gear for soccer as all PCUfc players will be provided with head gear from Full90 as well as be required to wear the protective head gear during the games to reduce the risk of concussion or head trauma to set an example of player concussion safety we hope players and leagues around the world will start to follow.


As a new franchise competing in the Premier Division of the United Premier Soccer League we are proud to have the Alzheimers Association logo as the main logo on the front of our team jersey and will continue to dawn this logo until we find a cure. We run for those who have and continue to walk to spread awareness for this terrible disease that has effected all of us.